One Man’s Dream

one man's dream


Beyamra Ounoumdon, A Field Specialist working in the Oil & Gas industry in Chad, had a dream; he wanted all the young people in his home town of Koumra to have the opportunity to attend school. He knew that the educational opportunities for children in his hometown were limited—there were only two schools and they both required fees, which many families did not have. Ounoumdon decided to change that situation. Using his own money, he started a primary and secondary school for students aged 5 to 18.

The Chemin de la Réussite (“Path to Success” in English) school opened in 2003 with four cinderblock rooms under a steel roof for the secondary school, while the primary school had wood walls with a thatched straw roof. There was no furniture so the students sat on the floor. The primary school was not used in the 3-month rainy season, because the thatched roof was not fully weather-proof.

Beyamra’s efforts so impressed his colleagues that they helped provide financial support by referring him to his company’s foundation, which provided grants for different projects including building classrooms and installing solar panels for electricity.

Beyamra’s dream has gotten bigger. The Koumra region does not have any place for students to go after graduating high school. So the next step for Chemin de la Réussite is to open a two-year technical school to train students to be engineers. This will give them access to better jobs.

We need your help to continue to make Beyamra’s dream a reality.


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