Your Money at Work

your money at work

Advance is the NGO we founded to raise funds for the Koumra School. It has no full-time employees. It is run entirely by volunteers, including those who designed and developed our website. None of the funds raised are used for travel expenses to Chad.

Paypal takes a 5% cut of each financial transaction, and the Koumra School web site’s hosting costs $200 a year. All other funds raised go directly to our projects on the ground in Koumra. We pay suppliers directly.

We aim to support the continuing development of the school by raising funds for different projects. Investment is needed to implement a wide range of projects.

  • Fix solar panels
  • Purchase textbooks
  • Add a bus service for remote students
  • Build a canteen to provide needed food to students
  • Build toilets
  • Purchase a copier
  • Expand the building to add a trade program

You can pick the project to support, whether it is fixing the solar panels or adding bus service for students who live far away.

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