Build Classrooms

The large class size makes learning very difficult. The teachers do not have the time to make sure that every student understands the day’s lesson. The teachers can only lecture; interactive learning is impossible classes that large.

The lack of classrooms has other consequences. The teachers must share the limited space. This means that the students are often faced with large time gaps between classes. They may have one class early in the morning, but their next class may not be until the end of the day because no classroom is available.
The school must refuse students every year because they do not want to increase the number of students in each class.

In order to get a quality education, the children need proper classrooms. This means rooms that are clean and durable, have adequate lighting and ventilation, and are equipped with enough desks and other furniture.
Help us build four more classrooms so that the Koumra School can serve more students, increasing the educational opportunities for more children and the community at large.

Donate to Build Classrooms
Donate towards building classrooms for the Koumra School and give the children the chance to empower themselves.
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