Because of limited circumstances for their families, the majority of the students do not get three meals a day. There may be something at home in the morning and an evening meal, but nothing to take to school for lunch.

The 2 ½ hour lunch break allows students who live close enough to go home but even if they do, there may not be any food for lunch. Girls who go home may be asked to stay there for the rest of the day to help their parents and therefore miss school. Some students even work at jobs during lunchtime so they have money to buy a meal.

The students have said how difficult it is to focus on classwork when their stomachs are grumbling, and how tired they get because they have not eaten in hours.

Growing children need good nutrition for the health of their bodies and their brains. We would like to find a way to provide lunch for the students. We have consulted local construction companies to build a canteen, and catering services to provide hot meals, but we need funds to make this dream a reality.

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