School Needs Immediate Funding

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Beyamara and the students are desperate for our help. The latest school exam results were not very good. It is clearly because the students cannot study at night as there is no electricity at the school (nor at their house). These children have to walk miles to school everyday, where there aren’t enough classrooms, there is no toilet, not enough textbooks and no electricity.

Our goal is to provide sustainable support to the school in Koumra, these children deserve education, and without our support the school will not survive for long. The statistics for expected years of schooling is 7, mean years of schooling 1.5 and the adult literacy rate is 33%. The examination rate just a couple years ago were amongst the best in the country, but as the school population has grown, the resources are limited and the quality of education isn’t sustainable.

No electricity also means no IT, no computers, no internet. It means students can not stay late at the school to study.

No school bus service means students have to walk from remote villages, up to 10 km every day, that is just a 10 minute drive in a car.

The school can not provide lunch therefore closes for two and half hours so students can return home for food, where many parents can not afford to provide lunch, and the kids suffer from malnutrition. Some students go to the city to work to buy food, girls are usually asked to stay back from school to help their parents as the school closes late.

There are only two to three textbooks for each subject and level and the academic program changes every two years. Students spend most of their time copying lessons on the board and a significant budget is used for chalks, 7 boxes used a day which is $28.

There is no option to continue studies or find a job with just school qualifications, and there is no access to higher education in the region. There is so much we can do, with financial donations and volunteering support from our communities. Please donate or contact us if you’d like to volunteer with us. All of us are volunteers and we thank you for your time. 

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