One Man’s Dream

Beyamra Ounoumdon, A Field Specialist working in the Oil & Gas industry in Chad, had a dream; he wanted all the young people in his home town of Koumra to have the opportunity to attend school.


The Project

The Koumra School has been already achieved a lot. But the school has many needs, and that is where Advance Koumra School comes in. As friends and colleagues of Beyamra Ounoumdon, we were determined to find a way to help […]


Your Money at Work

Advance is the NGO we founded to raise funds for the Koumra School. It has no full-time employees. It is run entirely by volunteers, including those who designed and developed our website. None of the funds raised are used for […]


The School

There are 36 teachers for 1,400 students. The national examination results were among the best in the country until 2013 when students started to suffer from the lack of electricity as well as other issues such as diseases related to […]


Koumra, Chad

The school is located in the city of Koumra, in southern Chad. It is the sixth largest town in the country, with a population of around 50,000 people. In the 2014 United Nations Human Development Index, Chad ranks 184 out […]

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