Sebastien & Carole Roche

Board Member

Willing to help Beyamra and the team to raise funds for the School!


Beyamra Ounoumdon

Koumra School Founder and President

The main reason that motivated me to found this school was to see my community abandoned and devastated by all kind of evils and issues such as incivility, illiteracy, violence, forced marriage, war, etc. We will not transform a society […]


Muriel Barnier

Advance Co-Founder and President

You know this little voice you hear sometimes in your life…. “I’ve got to do something about this”. You’re busy building your career, your family, etc, but whatever you do, this voice keeps turning in your head… “I’ve got to […]


Karine Bobillier

Advance Co-Founder and Communication Manager

when Muriel first told me about Beyamra’s project, I thought it was amazing. When I realized the needs of the school, I realized that we needed to help our colleague and these children. Just a little thing can change so […]


Nadeem Bakhsh

Website Project Manager and Artistic Director

Benjamin Racine

Advance Co-Founder and Treasurer

Eve Millon

Advance Co-Founder and Communication Manager
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